Windows 11 Images for Atomic Pi


Do not touch any options in Full Dark version related to themes or light/dark mode in system settings. Additionally, never run "sfc /scannow" OR enable disk compression on ANY of my images or you will break them and/or cause disk usage to irreversibly grow!

(Trust me on this one, contradictory to the name, disk compression will make your disk usage HIGHER instead of lower and waste CPU time decompressing files. This is due to my highly efficient file building for my images which Windows can't replicate when it meddles with files.)

Standalone Mod Installers are also be available here to bring back features such as Windows 10 taskbar, tray icons, and more.
Standalone Mod Installers aim to improve the user experience and productivity of my Windows 11 images for those who do not prefer the Windows 11 default appearance but like other components or benefits of Windows 11.

All my images for Atomic Pi include all drivers fully working, the latest security updates at the time of release, and all features included.

All my Windows images for Atomic Pi also include Firefox with privacy respecting settings, ad and tracker blocking, performance optimized configuration, and every OS comes clean by default with zero spying, bloatware, or telemetry.

Offline Standalone Update packages which install cleanly and offer cleanup tools will be available here when updates are available to keep your Atomic Pi secure and up to date.

All of this combined should provide you the best experience possible on Atomic Pi while not sacrificing features or security.

Windows 10 v4 and newer can outperform Linux for Atomic Pi in gaming performance and general usability!

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Always check the md5 hash of all downloaded files with this tool to ensure they match the md5 hash listed on this page! If your md5 does not match, discard the file and re-download the original version from this page!

All md5 values are of the exact file you download and not the file(s) inside the archive.

This page and any official mirrors are the ONLY places I will ever release my images on, so do not be fooled by others.

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Please do NOT redistribute, hotlink, mirror, clone, or modify any of my images with the intent to redistribute. Do not directly link files from this page on your site, link this page instead.


All images come with all drivers installed and the OS optimized for use on Atomic Pi

Please download from our mirror servers whenever possible, thank you. If downloads are slow, try using a multi-threaded download manager such as FDM or IDM.

FDM Mirror

Windows 11 v1.0 Full Dark

Mirror (CA)

MD5: 5a3cb4dd1d233994db5c0862ff7f4e5d

Windows 11 v1.0 Normal Dark

Mirror (CA)

MD5: 1bae10d961bf510fb12a41e25dc080b5

Atomic Pi OSs

All final release builds of my OSs are here.


All Atomic Pi BIOS files and tools are here.


Development Builds

These OSs may or may not boot and are in various states of working condition.

Updates & Installation

OS Installation

Refer to main Atomic Pi page for OS installation instructions here.

Update Installation


  • The update packages you wish to install (get from Update Downloads pane on the right)
  • Windows 11 for Atomic Pi installed
  • USB Keyboard and Mouse

  • Updates should be installed in sequential order from the current OS build you have.

    For example, if you have build 22000.258 installed and want to update to 22000.318, you should install update 22000.282, then install 22000.318.

    It is not recommended to skip incremental versions and update straight to latest update package version.

    (Note: These version numbers are for example purpose only and you don't need to install these exact updates. Apply this information to the current latest update packages.

    Step 1

    Download and run Standalone Update Installer.

    Step 2

    Use the installer as you please to learn about the update or clean the system if you wish.

    (Cleaning not required before update)

    Step 3

    Select Install Update option.

    Step 4

    Wait for Standalone Update Installer to complete the system update.

    Please do not right click the Standalone Update Installer window while update in progress or update will pause.

    Step 5

    Select if and when you would like to reboot in the Standalone Update Installer.

    Step 6

    Select Exit option in Standalone Update Installer.

    (Do not close with X button)

    Step 7

    It is highly recommended to run auto clean and optionally manual clean in Standalone Update Installer after rebooting at your earlest convenience.

    Standalone Update & Mod/Utility Downloads

    Standalone Update Downloads

    Standalone Update 22000.376

    MD5: ea412bd52b2e6cf7d97e896a5da12f89

    Standalone Update 22000.434

    MD5: 1dab94dd4647441dc4f06aba030b2937

    Standalone Update 22000.469

    MD5: f6aa596b3776aac9881fbf67788c0890

    Standalone Update 22000.493

    MD5: 0afc485b2e59e947bdbf81bbc9da944a

    Standalone Update 22000.556

    MD5: ecc3a1018439f814c03d54e2300d24b3

    Standalone Update 22000.708

    Beta; There may be dragons.

    MD5: f3fa185dfb2a67d43d9344ea8cdc3a76

    Modpack/Utility Downloads

    Explorer Mod v1.2

    Windows 10 Taskbar, Menus, and Custom Icons for Windows 11!

    Brings back small taskbar mode and dedicated tray icons for network, sound, and action center.

    MD5: 7ccb7cff3682a806276458f0ff7bb615

    ELECTROHAXZ Enterprise Activation Utility for Windows 11 v1.1

    Enroll your device with the ELECTROHAXZ Enterprise Activation Server

    to obtain a permanent genuine license for Windows 11 Pro!

    MD5: 255bcf7d6a684e52a743c0afef4fe728