Atomic Pi Firmware

Here you will find Firmware for the Atomic Pi single board computer.

I am not responsible for any damages to your Atomic Pi of any kind. Flash these files at your own risk, only using a stable power supply.

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All md5 values are of the exact file you download and not the file(s) inside the archive.

This page and any official mirrors are the ONLY places I will ever release my images on, so do not be fooled by others.

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Please download from our mirror servers whenever possible, thank you. If downloads are slow, try using a multi-threaded download manager such as FDM or IDM.

FDM Mirror

MDG-217 Camera Patch geocam-uvc

Mirror (CA)

MDG-217 camera assembly optional stream format definition kernel patch.
Intended to be used together with the configuration binaries and the userspace V4L2 plugin.
MD5: 421525e748e1024fc52ca57087575cb7

MDG-217 Camera Binaries

Mirror (CA)

Intended to be used together with the (optional) UVC kernel patch and the (optional, unless you need H.264 streaming) userspace V4L2 plugin.
MD5: 7edd4b6d0e20046ae42d1be36bfb6263

MDG-217 userspace parser V4L2 plugin (Optional)

Mirror (CA)

MDG-217 camera assembly stream format userspace parser V4L2 plugin
May be used with an unpatched kernel, or with a kernel patched with the UVC kernel patch. Additionally, configuration binaries are required.
MD5: 5f6cea814132aa55a3f270468c528a71

Atomic Pi OSs

All final release builds of my OSs are here.