Big Truck Adventures 2

Are you a real trucker? Can you drive fast against the clock while encountering some bumpy and hilly country roads or complete off-road? If your answer is yes, then this game is a challenge for your unique skills. In Big Truck, you have to safely deliver cargo with a truck from one factory, warehouse or store to another. You receive various loads – from boxes and liquids to loose products such as wood planks. You have to deliver all these various types of cargo to the checkpoint as fast as possible without loosing your cargo (or part of it). You will find steep mountains, man size rocks and cliffs in your way. Load your truck and on you go!

Use the 'Shift' key on your computer keyboard to boost your speed when you see a sign saying to in the top right corner of the game screen. But you must be careful. If you go too fast, you will lose some or all of your cargo. If you lose all of your cargo, you have to start all over again from the last cargo depot. Your truck is technically very advanced and can “balance”, thus helping you go over rocks or down the steep cliffs. Balance your truck to keep it horizontal as much as possible. Avoid hard landing or flying (Your truck is not an airplane!)

How to Play: To go forward, press and hold the Up Arrow on your keyboard. Reverse by hitting the Down Arrow. The Left and Right Arrow Keys are used to keep the balance of your truck. ‘Z’ key allows you to brake. Boost your speed by pressing ‘Shift’ on your keyboard for several seconds. As always – Safe driving!

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