Welcome to ELECTROHAXZ.tk, here you will find some videos, games, music, and whatever else I end up adding in the future.
I made this site as a fun project and a place to share things I find interesting or worthwhile of your time. There are no ads, tracking cookies, fishy links or deceptive content anywhere on this site. I hope that everyone enjoys :)

I have two Minecraft servers as well, online 24/7 with many things to do. HAXZCraft and ELECTROHAXZ Hexxit Modded. You can join HAXZCraft using any version between 1.7-1.14. You must use version 1.12.2 to join Hexxit server.

HAXZCraft IP: Play.HAXZCraft.us.to
ELECTROHAXZ Hexxit Modded IP: ehxz.tk:2080

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All content previously available at electrohaxz.tk will now be available at ehxz.tk.




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  • Mysteries (Suggestions Welcome on Discord!) My Discord

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  • Cheap ARM Virtual Dedicated Servers here.