Atomic Pi BIOSs

Here you will find BIOSs for the Atomic Pi single board computer.

I am not responsible for any damages to your Atomic Pi of any kind. Flash these files at your own risk, only using a stable power supply.

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Always check the md5 hash of all downloaded files with this tool to ensure they match the md5 hash listed on this page! If your md5 does not match, discard the file and re-download the original version from this page!

All md5 values are of the exact file you download and not the file(s) inside the archive.

This page and any official mirrors are the ONLY places I will ever release my images on, so do not be fooled by others.

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Please do NOT redistribute, hotlink, mirror, clone, or modify any of my images with the intent to redistribute. Do not directly link files from this page on your site, link this page instead.


Please download from our mirror servers whenever possible, thank you. If downloads are slow, try using a multi-threaded download manager such as FDM or IDM.

FDM Mirror

Stock Atomic Pi BIOS v1.2 (Latest)

Mirror (CA)

This is the latest official BIOS for the Atomic Pi from AAEON.
You will need to use a flash tool to install this, either via your OS or EFI.
MD5: 8567CD1B751C125C463B413B6513382E

Stock Atomic Pi BIOS v1.1 (Previous)

Mirror (CA)

This is an old official BIOS for the Atomic Pi from AAEON.
Only install this one if you know why you need this one over the latest (v1.2)
You will need to use a flash tool to install this, either via your OS or EFI.
MD5: DE18D9A2F67A273F45E139185DBC076E

DMRv2 Modded Atomic Pi BIOS v1.2 (Latest)

Mirror (CA)

Enables dual core turbo boost up to 1.92 GHz, adds Spectre & Meltdown patches, adds lower iGPU VRAM options, updates Realtek PXE driver to 2019/12/04 release, updates Intel Microcode to latest releases for ╬╝Codes '06-4c-03' & '06-4c-04', BIOS defaults after performing an RTC reset button altered, etc
MD5: 3B858C8AE3597BF06392D1C836373E96

DMRv2 Modded Atomic Pi BIOS EFI Toolkit + Modded BIOS

Mirror (CA)

The modded BIOS, stock BIOS, and EFI flash tool in a raw image to be flashed to a USB drive.
MD5: C81F17616C41FB4558081E566B14F15A

Windows FPTW64 BIOS Flash Tool

Mirror (CA)

A command line tool used in Windows to flash a BIOS file to the Atomic Pi
MD5: 8D61C7E10CC999968BE8251A621564A1

Rufus Utility

Download Rufus Utility


Atomic Pi OSs

All final release builds of my OSs are here.


Modded/Stock BIOS EFI Toolkit Steps

Video Tutorial HERE!


  • 4GB (or larger) USB drive (this will be referred to as USB 1)
  • Rufus Utility
  • BIOS Image (Modded BIOS EFI Toolkit)
  • USB Hub
  • USB Keyboard and Mouse
  • Computer with Windows XP or newer

  • Your 4GB USB drive will be formatted! Backup any data on it before proceeding.

    Download the BIOS System Image with EFI toolkit and Rufus Utility to your PC from Downloads section on the left

    Step 1

    Extract the IMG file from the img.gz BIOS Image using WinRAR, 7zip, unzip, etc.

    Step 2

    Open Rufus Utility

    Step 3

    In the "Device" box, select USB 1.

    Step 4

    Click the "Select" button and select the atomicpi-bios.img file you extracted. (Modded BIOS+EFI Toolkit)

    Step 5

    Select option "GPT" in the "Partition type" selection box.

    Step 6

    Click "Start" button at the bottom of the window. Select "Yes" and/or "Ok" for any other messages you get.

    Once the green progress bar at the bottom says "READY", unplug USB 1 from your PC and insert them into your Atomic Pi along with a keyboard and mouse. (A USB hub may be required)

    Step 7

    Turn on your Atomic Pi by plugging it into power, then immediately press the F7 key until you see a blue and white list, this may require multiple tries.

    Step 8

    Select USB 1 and press enter.

    Step 9

    The Atomic Pi should now boot to TianoCore EFI Shell, enter "fs0:" and press enter, then enter "dir" and press enter. You should see your BIOS files listed, if not then run "fs1:" then "dir" and repeat "dir" command and checking for files, if your files still do not show up, repeat with "fs2:", "fs3:", etc

    Step 10

    Once "dir" shows the BIOS files on your USB, run command "fpt64.efi -f mod_atomicpi_12_final.bin" and wait 5-10 minutes until you see a blinking cursor. If you do not see a blinking cursor after 1 hour, seek support from the Atomic Pi Discord. (Above)

    Step 11

    After you see a blinking cursor, enter "reset" and the system should restart to the BIOS, It may hang/freeze during POST, and may even fail to POST. This is normal, let it sit for 1-2 minutes and press the RTC reset button on your Atomic Pi.

    Step 12

    Verify your new BIOS is working properly and reinstall your OS!

    Step 14

    Done! Plug in your Atomic Pi, it will start the newly installed operating system.

    Stock or Modded BIOS Steps


  • Windows 10 Installed on Atomic Pi (Win10 v4 Recommended)
  • BIOS Image
  • Windows FPTW64 BIOS Flash Tool
  • USB Keyboard and Mouse

  • Step 1

    Extract Windows FPTW64 BIOS Flash Tool and open the extracted folder.

    Step 2

    Open a command prompt and cd to the directory which you extracted the files to.

    Step 3

    Run command "fptw64 -f bios_1.2.bin" or "fptw64 -f mod_bios_1.2.bin" depending if you downloaded the modded BIOS or Stock.

    Step 4

    Wait 5-10 minutes until you see a blinking cursor in the command prompt, then press the RTC Reset button on the Atomic Pi

    Step 5

    Wait 1-2 minutes and press the RTC Reset button again, it should now boot into the new BIOS.

    Step 6

    Verify your new BIOS is working properly and reinstall your OS!

    Step 7

    Reinstall your OS as needed, I recommend checking out my premade optimized OSs for the Atomic Pi here.

    Step 8